Tankard Services Software

Tankard Services specialises in the development of
software systems for the licenced trade.

The innovative cloud system has been designed by a software team that has worked in the licenced trade for over a decade. The back office solution monitors every aspect of the operational side of the business, including sales, stock, payroll, scheduling, booking and maintenance. All the data is held securely in the cloud and is delivered to computers, tables and smartphones, the data is all real time allowing instant access to critical business data.


key functions of the software include:

  • Analysis of stock holding position to dynamically adjust stock levels in line with changing sales patterns, no par level need to be set, the system calculates the requirements in real time and generates the correct orders
  • Purchasing can be fully automatic based on best pricing available with the option to maintain low purchase prices by allowing suppliers to effectively bid for business.
  • Key data is delivered to managers in real time via an app on their phone for instant decision making.
  • Staff rota’s are derived directly from historical sales performance by analysing attributes about each day’s trade, allowing for a very accurate sales forecast and a profitable wage to sales ratio.
  • Staff are informed of performance in real time and they get notification of exact hours worked along with future shifts as soon as they finish a shift.
  • Weekly accounts are generated automatically.
  • Building and equipment maintenance is tracked and authorised by the correct staff ensuring a constant control on costs.
  • Our CCTV system is directly linked to the EPOS system allowing instant recall of events that might be suspicious.
  • Stocktaking is done using the back office system ensuring no delivery can be missed.
  • Every order placed is securely archived both in the cloud and in a pdf archive allowing instant recall of any order ever placed.
  • Every stock movement down to a splash of lemonade is recorded and logged allowing in-depth auditing.
  • The system has been built to enable the business to easily scale up.
  • Payment processing for goods ordered is rule based preventing payment for goods not delivered
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